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Stage rehearsal

Yesterday, I was at LCF to do the first stage rehearsal with the team and Jen, a choreographer who is working with us to prepare for stage performance. We talked about adapting what’s done so far into the performance, this involves story, emotions, technical requirements, changes, and as Jen said, it became down to logistics. In the performance, we want to have projections on the dress as well and that’s going to change the feelings quite drastically. The story is also slightly different because it would come from Hana. We did a couple of choreography exercises, imagining shapes that could… More

Photoshoot and video

  Today, we put together the costume with tech and performance and documented the choreography telling the story of flirtation and extimacy. We learned some more changes to be done for the dress because it will be moving a lot and the dancer discovered how she should move with this costume on. This also changed the choreography slightly, the face that the dress has it’s own kinks. More

Organizing storyboard

I cut up the specific screens from my storyboards so I could arrange them in different ways to tell the story of the video that I’m shooting tomorrow Starting from lines forming the gestures or costume, then moves into details of bodily reactions. As the dress is slowly transforming, it is revealed with the dancer into full few, then fully performing with the costume. I will use special effects to suggest another person’s presence and at the end, they make contact. More

Motors, projection, choreography

This week’s objectives: finish motors concoction so it can be tested and fitted on the costume figure out details for the exhibition second choreotype with Amy I used a regular projector on the windows at first covered with layout paper, however, it was pretty much invisible during the day. So in the evening, Tom and I tried the short throw projector which can cover all 5 windows at the same but and also is brighter and clearer. We also used these special projection films to test clarity and will be using them for the show. Below are sketches for… More

October 30 – November 3

This week I was able to get 3 motors to start and stop with 3 buttons. This is the core of the moving dress so I’m pretty happy about that. Also, I decided on a format for the exhibition. I want to have the dress hanging with different gestures projected on different windows atop the Well Gallery constantly changing. Notes on motors: -using digital pull-up resistor, -TinkerKit Mosfet Module, -fabric button: I was looking at paintings from the Roccoco era, the most titillating era in art history: Below are sketches for some possible gestures for documentation, these can… More

Fitting session

Today, I met Hana and Amy, our performer for a fitting with costume design tutors, Claire and Agnes. I met all of them before at Creative Design Technology Lab and glad to be all working together. I really enjoy being part of the costume and performance as well as being the main interaction designer. I learn a lot from collaboration and can use my other skills towards the whole project. There’s a lot of little kinks to work out. performance choreography performance visual projection video documentation photo documentation how and when will the costume move  … More


Today we tried the muscle wire and motors. The muscle wire turned out to have much more complications, when we heated it up, it burnt all the threads and this means it is very difficult to work with so we might not use it for now, unless we must. Then we attached all 3 accordions to 3 motors and attempted to move then separately. It worked really well and it will be better implemented when the dress is more complete. More

Storyboarding and Videotyping 1

I’m starting to write down and storyboard the performance and video documentation: Performance story Happens between when you walk into a room and your body feels like it is attracted to another person and you show a series of micro movements that show that while your clothing is transforming to show that as well until you are performing large gestures and makes contact with person show attraction or attention to specific person in audience? second performer walking around the wearer performer goes from nothing and calm breathing to faster breathing then last big breath holds… More

Documenting a performance

The image above is from E.A.T Experiments in Art and Technology (E.A.T.) was launched in 1967 by the engineers Billy Klüver and Fred Waldhauer and the artists Robert Rauschenberg and Robert Whitman. The work was meant to be performative and temporal and at the end of the event, disappear and be destroyed. It’s a good example of how temporal projects are documented. At the Art Catalyst exhibit last year, a series of images and explanations of the projects were shown with video content. In this particular performance, from time to time the lights were turned out, coming back on to… More

A recollection of the week

In the picture above are sketches about moving the dress. This week I wanted to focus on the kinetic technical parts of the garment making sure it can move with various ways. I got pretty far and next week we continue to test while Hana figures out how to work with tech equipments on her costume. I really like this way of working with Hana the back and forth and quick prototyping. But also I had a talk with Nicolas about how the input should read. This mind map is really how messy my head was at the beginning… More