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Research Questions 2

Topic: Digital archiving Online dating Why do I care? I’m curious about archiving the online content of popular culture, I think it is important to document the media that dominated the generation Y and predict the outcome of future media or online entertainment for future generations. I am interested in how the behaviour and norms of dating has been shifted by hookup apps. I am interested in human gestures and postures relating to my personal background in dance. The big questions: How did hookup apps change socializing behaviour? How do we archive digital content to tell the pop culture history to the future?… More

How does the future sound?

This week, I attended PoL # 34 How Does the Future Sound? A workshop to imagine the sounds of the future operated by Mark Peter Wright. When he asked what we thought the future sounds like, I said “echo” because I think the future is going to be an echo of the present.  In our workshop, we thought about 3 main themes of home, environment, and body and discussed through making of a collage in small groups. But how DOES the future sound? This is a question I have to think about on the Mars One mission. In my prototyping process, I… More

Research questions

Are we objectifying people more and quickly discarded? A question asked by Sherry Turkle as she studies our relationship with technology and reliance on technology, and how it changes our behaviour. Bruce Sterling’s literature about how the information economy is used to the topic of interest for my FMP. There’s an issue with the deliverance of the archived digital data. How will it be communicated to the uncertain future? Digital content cannot last forever so we need to explore the relationship between the real world and the virtual (Justin Kemp).   Questions: How do we archive the online dating culture and… More

Into Eternity (methods to communicate to the future)

Onkalo is a nuclear waste facility built by the Finnish to be buried deep into the earth able to sustain 100,000 years. In the film, Into Eternity, several methods of communication was thought of for the people of the future to understand that they should not come close to the burial location. In the future, will they speak the same language? Will they understand the symbols? Will they have the technology to handle this nuclear waste site? These are burning questions of any archival media of our days. Below are screenshots from the movie of how they plan to communicate: universal… More

Rainmaking in space

Since the last prototype, I have gotten a lot of inspiration, one of which is “musique concrete”. Here, I am using an ultrasonic sensor to control the volume of a musique concrete sound with distance. Imagine astronauts floating in space with this object and the movement of their limbs and body will change the volume of the sound. Video of prototype 2 I also got a clearer goal on what I want to do with this project: Colonizing another planet is a whole new step in human progress, the sounds and movements could be completely different and yet familiar… More

Ultrasonic Sensor sounds & Toys

I decided to use an ultrasonic sensor and a piezo to make the effect of a theremin. I imagine this object floating in space with the crew floating around it and making sounds with the movement of their bodies. However the sound from the piezo is not so nice, so using the same method, I can try to make the sound more pleasant such as the sound of rain. I also added a keyboard part which can be another part of the instrument that intercept the sound through buttons. Part 2: Using this progression, I managed to connect the… More

Andres Jaque – Intimate Strangers

As part of the Fear and Love exhibition at the Design Museum, Andres Jaque presented his project, Intimate Strangers, which “explores the way network culture is designing and defining new forms of behaviour and interaction.” –Design Museum The description: Focusing on dating apps, his audio-visual installation Intimate Strangers presents a series of tales about how our pursuit of sex and love through social media is changing the way we view the city, our bodies and our identity. Andres Jaque is a Spanish architect who does interdisciplinary work under his practice: The Office of Political Innovation. Intimate Strangers is set in the… More

Literature Review

The World Arctic Archive in Norway opened in April this year. A physical film medium is used to preserve data, typical of traditional methods of archiving. But will this method last and is the content a true representation of the digital world?   Futurist, Bruce Sterling, wrote about the “digital decay” we are approaching and critiques the medium used to archive data. Historical digital storage methods, such as CD-Roms, did not endure time. The content needs to be constantly curated and upgraded as technology is advancing. “The truth is that computation has, from the very start, been built to rot. More

Prototype 1

I did the 1st stage of my prototyping for the social thing. I wanted to work with different sounds and materials from everyday life. But one big constraint that I found was that there will be no gravity. This means some of the instruments I made wouldn’t work normally. The few instruments I wanted to mimic are, because of their simplicity and therapeutic ability: windchime hang drum rainstick monochord sea drum I also wonder, if the vibration made for sounds could be a factor I could work with in terms of sensory potential. Using disposed objects from the mission… More

Sound healing

Since the existence of humanity, people have made sounds as what we call today, music. Thousands of years ago in ancient times, mystical instruments of all kinds were used to remedy illnesses and revive the spirit. Music therapy has been used by aboriginal tribes to heal physical and emotional ailments. This website tells of a couple instruments that would improve the state of mind through sound vibrations: Hammered dulcimer Gong Wind chimes** Pan flute Singing bowl Hang**, hang drum, babel drum Tuning fork Digeridoo Kalimba Djembe Rainstick* Native American flute Monochord Harp Slitdrum* There are also furniture that is used in… More