In 2013, I was sitting in a mundane office as a graphic designer trying to figure out why I didn’t enjoy my job. I had a few life changing events happen just a couple years before that and it has completely changed my outlook on life. So as I was clearly (not) doing my job and surfing the internet, I found this project called Mars One who was looking for applications from people all over the world who want to go to Mars in 2022 on a one way trip. I thought for very long about how it would be like, being the first humans to reside outside of Earth but also saying goodbye to everything and everyone on Earth.

So for this unit, I’ve decided to try to contact Mars One┬áto collaborate with people who have made the top 100 applicants and are preparing for this trip.

Some of the questions I want to ask are:

  • What is the most intriguing part about this journey?
  • How has life changed since being committed to this journey?
  • What are you happy about leaving on Earth?
  • What kinds of preparation have you gone through?
  • What kinds of emotions do you have about going? Scared? Happy?
  • What kind of community is being built?
  • Have you doubted your choice about going?
  • What tests do the organization put you in to ensure you are ready?
  • How has this affected your family/friends?
  • How will your daily habits change due to this journey?
  • Are you excited to create new relationships?
  • Alternative human race?
  • Will you be creating a social system alike to Earth? Own government, rules, etc.

Nicolas raised a good point, would it be more of a problem matic issue to go the 10 year journey or living there?

Ref: Battlestar Galactica