This website talks about similar critics about IOT to the IOT manifesto through funny and totally stupid IOT products. It’s safe to say IOT is getting a bit out of hand here.

On a more serious note, it looks like the centralized control of these home assistance devices such as Google Home will soon be invading even our home with ads. Although Google denies this, just watch the video @brysonmeunier yourself:

Not obvious at all… Bloomberg reported:

If Google’s Assistant is already broadcasting ads through this new medium, a new source of profit may begin flowing. That could help it keep up with Inc., which is already accepting potentially profitable online orders through its Echo speakers, powered by its Alexa assistant.

I have had a really difficult time trying to figure out how to make a speculative design that will communicate my 3 critiques about IOT. Finally arriving at 2 main ideas:

  1. A thermostat that will encourage cuddling
  2. 6 objects with individual shapes and textures embodying animistic characteristics to show the user visually the amount of data sent to the cloud.

    When I created different objects to represent memory earlier on in the LCC studio, I was thinking about how texture and shape can give different objects different personalities or different context. Similarly for my project now, I want to use the shape of these 6 objects to carry different meanings about sending data to the cloud while all contributing to a central idea of provoking human interaction and less reliant on connectivity.

The animistic part was inspired by text about the speculative project, AniThings, suggested by Nicolas. I think it would add another level of interactivity collaboratively with objects rather than a master/servant relationship. Rather than forcing specific actions, the objects are there to provoke thinking and imagination.

Centralized power takes over our home and final prototyping

  Thermostat based on action not numerical temperature

Centralized power takes over our home and final prototyping 1

Objects of interaction