• Digital archiving
  • Online dating

Why do I care?

  • I’m curious about archiving the online content of popular culture, I think it is important to document the media that dominated the generation Y and predict the outcome of future media or online entertainment for future generations.
  • I am interested in how the behaviour and norms of dating has been shifted by hookup apps. (relate to point 3)
  • I am interested in human gestures and postures relating to my personal background in dance.

The big questions:

How did hookup apps change socializing behaviour & gestures?

How do we archive digital content to tell the pop culture history to the future?

Small questions:

  1. What can the data collected by Tinder be used for in the future? The value of their digital archive? Anyone could create a dating app and collect information. (ex. bike service in china used to generate small registration fee and used to invest, the business is not renting bikes, competition for users)
  2. How different are profiles online vs real people?
  3. A digital archive of a person is their online history, is this used in online dating apps to rate/categorize/suggest people?
  4. What are the outsider taboo relationships of the future?
  5. How to create the most popular Tinder profile for a robot from the data collected by Tinder? (Using the success/fail history to decipher patterns in successful features) People will be having relationships with machines.
  6. Does hookup apps change how we travel around the city/world?
  7. Are there links between certain gestures (micromovements) and attraction?
  8. How to tell if someone is on certain app? The “typical” gesture of a Tinder/Grindr/etc user? (ex. Grindr used to have a yellow screen)
  9. If more dangerous things arise from dating apps, is it worth looking into making legal and illegal guidelines?
  10. How do we archive the digital medium that dominated western popularity? (cat video, vine, pokemon go)
  11. Maybe it is not about archiving digital content but rather how to sort through them to pick out important moments worth remembering? (Google Photos AI)
  12. **Can we archive the movements of today with digital social technology? Are we moving a a different pace?
  13. What gestures are associated with dating a robot?
  14. What new habits, gestures, words, etc. in youth culture has emerged from Tinder?


Anyone who has only had online relationships (ethnographical research)

People who use many different apps & the gestures associated with each, what distinguishes them from each other?

*An archive of online dating gifs, memes (can show the expressions, emotions ppl have associated with dating app)

Possible outcomes:

Make a performance of gestures from online dating (swipe, like etc.)

Make an archive of the movements of today with digital social tech.