My FMP will be based around gestures and micro movements in love relationships, looking at how technology has changed these gestures, and how future gestures will be like.

Formative presentation 8In relation to the study of mobile gestures invented since the touch screen,

Research questions:

  • Does technology change the pace of our movements?
  • What are the links between movements of the body and attraction?
  • Are there signature gestures designed by each online dating app?
  • How are gestures in modern dating changed by technology?
  • How will gestures change in the next era where apps are no longer used to find people and how can I use this to design a product?

Formative presentation 9 Formative presentation 8 Formative presentation 7Literary references:

  • Curious Rituals
  • Andres Jaque – Intimate Stranger
  • Sherry Turkle-Sociable robot
  • Modern romance-Aziz Ansari

Formative presentation 2

  1. Methodology:
  • Contexual research of the gestures we make today from online to offline in love. In history, what are behaviours that show someone is interested?
  • What are the cultural norms?
  • Ethnographical research of people who uses online apps, people in different kinds of relationships, how are people distinguished by the apps they use?
  • Quantitative research and data analysis of the effects of dating apps
  • Research gestures in the design of mobile apps and technology
  • Look at criticism and debate of whether online dating is useful/not for human relationships and find where it may lead to next for dating
  • Look at expressions, emotions ppl have associated with dating apps
  • Propose possible gestures, deem common gestures by current apps
  • Try possible gestures for the future

Formative presentation 4

  1. Hypothesis: technology is becoming ingrained in everything modern humanity does, soon we will not use apps to find companionship anymore.
  • With this project, I want to propose a future way of finding love through behavioural change
  • In the movie, “Her”: Technology gets bigger, gesture gets smaller ex. When playing video game and walking around

Formative presentation 3Resolutions:

I will design a project to find lovers without mobile apps but through new gestures.

  • Design a wearable technology that attracts others by your micro movements
  • Usi­­ng a computerized object to react to a human approaching it through micro movements and learning about falling in love with a machine
  • Create a wearable that can sense micro movements responding to non-living objects