Today we did a final crit with Rania and Ricci joining us from IBM, who were there for the first presentation of this project inĀ April. It was a very interactive crit session where I showed my project to everyone in the class and Nicolas, Gareth as well. I was also able to see all the other projects. I thought that it was very effective and fun.

The feedback I got was mainly around the interaction/affordance and the sounds of my object. Here are a few points:

  • Work on the haptic experience
  • Work with the sound to be more effective, noticeable
  • The haptic touch points need to be more self-explanatory, maybe change the squeeze to squeeze and only stays on for 5min?
  • Next, to focus on the cybernetics, learnability, machine learning for future development
  • Need to prototype the exhibition in the air, add haptics to top and bottom of object
  • Work on the aesthetics of how it looks and experience. Will it be clear/covered? Add lights?
  • Rainmaking sounds are calming and background story from Alison is interesting
  • Maybe add instructions for the order of interactions
  • make the audience feel the isolation in a small space or blindfolded

I will be working on mainly the haptics for the next week and the portfolio but the project will evolve more during the summer before Ars Electronica.