Another reason I think gestures may be a better way of meeting others aside from its inclusivity to visually impaired people is that it may be harder to fake gestures and scam people than online dating.

On the reality TV series, Catfish, the hosts help people meet their online lovers after suspicion that they may not be who they seem. Most of the time, the results are disappointing and this may be a problem. I had a friend who showed up for a Tinder date and they guy had used his friend’s photo because that would get him more hookups. This could raise huge red flags because the generations using dating apps are getting younger, and therefore less equipped to deal with this kind of situation.

Gestures don't lie? Unless you try really hard 1

Apps such as Grouper try to mitigate the danger by setting up group dates, but this just says how much dating has become a game. Still, not as many people who I’ve talked to used these apps for serious match ups to find THE ONE. This changes the context and situation completely.

Professors at the University of Leicester derived a study called Online Dating Romance Scam which set out to understand online dating scams in which people are scammed for money.

Specifically, the objectives of the project are to:

1. devise a typology of the personality traits as well as other characteristics for the types of individuals who are more likely to be conned by the online romance scam.

2. examine the persuasive techniques employed to con individuals.

3. examine the psychological consequences of being taken in by such a scam.

4. inform interested parties of the results of this project to help prevent these scams from happening in the first place.

References from the report could be used as evidence in online dating scam and how that can be mitigated by this new way of finding love by gestures.