• History of gestures used in courtship (may not be as needed in the thesis)
  • How technology changed the way we court/find love (gesture)


  • How gestures have changed due to the technology, gestures in mobile app
  • About wearable technology and how it’s being used already in detecting motion/gesture
  • Methods: ppl watching and documenting gestures live, sketching ppl, photograph, looking at the verbs used in romance novels
  • In relation to dance movements
  • Finding a user base


  • Hypothesis: The next future tech for human love and courtship lies within details in gestures and wearables away from mobile applications.
  • Perhaps I use gestures as a way to speak about how the courtship culture turned into dating then hookup and then propose a future culture?
  • Many dating apps are trying to empower women in the relationship, can this relate to gesture design?


  1. artistic representation of what I have researched and set up as an installation, detailing how people meet each other during the learning about each other phase in the beginning.
  2. create a viable product and prototype of a wearable device to sense each other’s gestures, how to send love through gestures?


  • HOW do we use gestures to communicate and use it in the future to meet other lovers (this is what I want to discover through my research)
  • Should I focus on a specific body part?

Feedback notes:

Ex. how to go from “abnormal” chikan, disability to normality – how does a blind person use tinder? So much of our dating has turned only to the visual, especially in the beginning


What is the nuance in body language, and can we codify gesture like mobile app gestures? Conflict between is gesture universal, can it be codified, Codify vs generalisation

Give ppl a workshop to try how would u do without? Tinder = visual? ex. RCA chair project

How does tech change the way they flirt? It’s a loop that affect each other

Ethnograph separated from ur group, outsider

University of Chicago – face to face interaction study