Hana and I have been working on the texture and shape that we want to create for the costume while keeping in mind how these forms can change and transform during performance.

The image above shows the sketches I did about how fabric and materials could be manipulated. Mostly, we will need a few motors. Faulhaber makes mini motors and mechanics. A jewellery maker used this in his moving accessories. It looks like the battery and motor are all small enough to be used on the body.

Also, I found this technique of making flipping textiles on an embroidered piece by using copper coil that magnetizes to polarity flipping a ball attached to a flap of fabric.

Texture prototyping 1










Images below are Hana’s tests of the costume shapes

Texture prototyping 8 Texture prototyping 7

Then, I worked with creating some textures that I wanted to use on the costume to change shape of the costume with air pockets and motors.
Texture prototyping 5Air pockets can be used in these slots to inflate and deflate the fabric giving it a breathing effect.

These flaps can be moved also to change texture.

Texture prototyping 2Texture prototyping 3Texture prototyping 4Here’s an image of all of them pieced together for the types of textures we are hoping to create.

Texture prototyping 6