My research into gesture and emotions of love led me into looking at the works of Nadia Berthouze, professor at UCL affective computing. She uses the body as a means for emergence in emotion expression. Her research is very relevant to my thesis because it is focused on how the body affects emotions.

But in addition to this, she is also thinking about how we can teach technology to recognize emotions so that it can support and amplify people’s emotions. Can we actually train machines to be empathetic.

She says that the reason why body expression is so important is because the body can show complex emotions. In her lab, they are trying to work on getting machines to recognize emotion and support humans. The data on the body and emotions.

She also recognizes that gestures and emotion are culturally different and acknowledge that what you make may not work on everyone.

The image above is from her presentation shows how she captures gesture through configuration, kinematics, and motion forming the detailed analysis of body expression.

I think it’s important for me to know how gesture should be captured and also the parameters in order to identify general gestures.