Yesterday, I was in the studio with Hana trying to make up the shapes of the costume and which parts will move and how so I can get a better idea of what to work on next week.

We decided the accordions are going to be the major movement piece because it’s seems the easiest to work with and creates some interesting shapes. Then we added some small details with these mesh ribbons which we plan to attach to muscle wire and have them go from long hanging pieces to shrivelled up bunches of detail.

Below are images of how the costume is without interaction and with interaction, the accordions will open causing the performer to raise 1 arm and pulling out another accordion.

Then I tried to attach string and to the accordion and a motor but the range of movement was so small and there was a pull but no push so I need to work on this on Tuesday with Tom.

Making the costume 4

Making the costume 3 Making the costume 1 Making the costume 5 Making the costume