Yesterday, I did work at the prototyping lab on making the accordion move with a motor that is more effective than the servo I had. But I also had a tutorial with Tobias to talk about how I stand as the interaction designer in this project, which goes onto my worries about becoming technician for the costume and performance and not having a part that is solely mine. So I need to think about the contextual idea behind this as well and I’m going to spend some time on that tomorrow.

With the help of Pipe, we made a little spool that would wind the string on the accordion back therefore opening it up. But the problem is it cannot unwind and let the accordion close. For our performance we may not need that and just manually unwind between performances

Accordion and flip magnet 1

Accordion and flip magnet 2Next week, Hana will bring the costume to LCC and we can try putting these pieces together.

I’m in the studio today to figure out all the components we need on the garment so she can take it home and sew all the pockets required to keep these things on the garment. We are also trying the muscle wire today, so excited!
Next, we want to make 3 accordions move on the garment preferably at different times. But yesterday I also made the flip dot that I originally saw from Irene Posche at Digital Weekend V&A. I found the instructions on Kobakant and it was actually pretty simple to make. So Hana is going to have a think about whether we can use this.


Today, Hana and I tested the muscle wire and at first it seemed like we failed but with the right tools and temperatures, the wire works so Hana can try to incorporate this into the garment.

Here are some pictures of the trained muscle wire before and after 13v and around 2.5-3amp current.

Accordion and flip magnet 4 Accordion and flip magnet 3