I’m starting to write down and storyboard the performance and video documentation:

Performance story

Happens between when you walk into a room and your body feels like it is attracted to another person and you show a series of micro movements that show that while your clothing is transforming to show that as well until you are performing large gestures and makes contact with person

show attraction or attention to specific person in audience?

second performer walking around the wearer

performer goes from nothing and calm breathing to faster breathing then last big breath holds at the top and ends with a “hello” like when you are in love with someone even saying an initial hello makes you flustered

intimacy 2 ppl breathing and when in close proximity, they start to sync in breathing and gesture more.

Video inspiration:

  • Shadow and lighting/ blue/ red lighting, use projection from performance?

  • Out of focus shadow
  • Dance around body, not real other body but imaginative interaction

  • choreography
  • isolation movements

Video idea:

both ppl breathing harder/harder, no physical contact, video begins with them apart and closer and closer until 1st conv. or touch then vid ends.


After storyboarding for a bit, I felt that I just needed to work out the ideas for the performance with my body so I did video-prototype take 1 for Extimacy:


Feedback from Nicolas:

  • Beyond the dance (which is good), how do you choregraph as an interactive designer ?
  • 1m37, 1m57, 2m05, 2m55 for the hand flip
  • Impro can help but try to build from situations. If it’s too abstract, the message will get over the head of your audience.

Hair and makeup inspiration:

Storyboarding 1 4 Storyboarding 1 5 Storyboarding 1 6 Storyboarding 1 7Storyboarding 1 3





Storyboarding 1 8







Storyboarding 1








Explanation: With another person in background, performer casually walks in and does a series of basic gestures. Then they start walking around without interaction or awareness of each other. Costume starts to react causing performer to gesture larger into a dance. Other person comes closer and they dance in sync. They come closer and draw further from each other and start to notice each other. then they stand still, one says Hi and video ends with heartbeat and breathing sound remaining in darkness

Storyboarding 1 1Explanation: closeup of body parts in small movement. shadow of another person in presence but not seen while costume wearer dances bigger and bigger while dress transforms. Fully performing when costume is completely open. then you see the other person join in the dance going to syncing. then at 1st contact, video ends

Storyboarding 1 2Explanation: person walks in all you hear is breathing and sits in chair. Then a series of close ups of parts of body fidgeting, twitching etc. Then start seeing another person in the hands frame where they interact without touching. Then flashes of dancer in costume and costume slowly getting bigger as the 2 dancers come closer. Then the 2 dancers sync in movement while person with costume covers face etc. Then when they make a first contact video ends

Comments from Nicolas:

  • why needs to sit down, what situation are you trying to replicate ?
  • set the situation for little longer, let the dress open up more progressively
  • Try to connect to exciting situations, use history (courting) or imaginary (film) as references. That will strengthen your message
  • Film and Video will have to be a little different (one doesn’t have close ups). But a film as a prototype of the performance is a good idea. Without the camera first, then with the camera (as a theatre) then using close ups.