Yesterday, I was at LCF to do the first stage rehearsal with the team and Jen, a choreographer who is working with us to prepare for stage performance. We talked about adapting what’s done so far into the performance, this involves story, emotions, technical requirements, changes, and as Jen said, it became down to logistics.

In the performance, we want to have projections on the dress as well and that’s going to change the feelings quite drastically. The story is also slightly different because it would come from Hana.

We did a couple of choreography exercises, imagining shapes that could be created by the body and dress and how the reveal of the moving dress and when it would happen.

I’ve made a work in progress video to document the last 3 months of working on this project.

Stage rehearsal 2

Working in the LCF studio on choreography for the performance

Stage rehearsal 1

Choreography methodologies used to start off the bodystorming through a dancer’s shape making