Project: Physical computing

MPR121 capacitative sensor

I had a bit of trouble with this week’s MPR121 but this means I spent a lot of time troubleshooting and it made me understand the code really well. Eventually I found out the main issue is that the MPR121 I was using is broken which also means after troubleshooting, my conclusion was right. So in my project this week, I was trying to wire these coins so that when you touch individual ones, the amount that they are show up. Then I tried to make the series ask for a random amount of money up to £5 and I would… More

Tangible Interface

Tangible interface is an area that I am interested in. Brigg Ullmer and Hiroshi Ishii’s study at the MIT Tangible Media Group focuses on this topic with the aim to expand and make shifts between the digital and the physical world seamless. Using surfaces outside of the computer screen and expanding the interface onto physical objects and surfaces in our environment. In  Tangible Bits: Towards Seamless Interfaces between People, Bits and Atoms (1997), they write, Through grasping and manipulating these instruments, users of the past must have developed rich languages and cultures which valued haptic interaction with real physical objects. More

Arduino Potentiometer

This week, I decided to use the potentiometer as a toggle between 3 different lights which represent “yes” “no” or “maybe”. I then took the wired up Arduino outside to ask 3 people 5 questions and they answered using LED lights.     Below is the code: #define ledblue 12 #define ledwhite 13 #define ledred 8 #define potPin A0 int sensorValue = 0; void setup() { pinMode( ledblue, OUTPUT ); pinMode( ledwhite, OUTPUT ); pinMode( ledred, OUTPUT ); pinMode( potPin, INPUT ); } void loop() { sensorValue = analogRead… More


1 LED blinking to The Internet – Special Affair Here’s the code: void setup() { pinMode( 13, OUTPUT ); } void loop() { digitalWrite( 13, HIGH ); delay( 500 ); digitalWrite( 13, LOW ); delay( 90 ); digitalWrite( 13, HIGH ); delay( 60 ); digitalWrite( 13, LOW ); delay( 50 ); digitalWrite( 13, HIGH ); delay( 60 ); digitalWrite( 13, LOW ); delay( 250 ); } Second part is done in collaboration with Pipe 🙂… More

Pataphysics & Diagetic Prototypes in film

After learning about the meaning of pataphysics and diegetic prototypes, I began to think about one of my favourite films: A Series of Unfortunate Events, originally written novel series by Lemony Snicket and now a short Netflix series. By using diegetic prototypes and pataphysics, the author was able to make the characters and story believable as well as use that believability to create connection with the audience and empathy from the audience. In the film, the character Olaf disguises himself into many “family members” of the children in order to take over their fortune. Each of his disguised characters live… More