Project: Space Intimacy

Space Intimacy is a collaborative installation from LCC and DMC for the Tate Exchange space. We invite the public to engage and join our development process as we document the process in this blog

Tate Exchange

We’ve been included in the Tate Exchange program at the Switch House, Tate Modern next year as part of the Digital Maker Collective. Space Intimacy is an interactive exploration of another person’s mind and memories as the audience is experiences visuals and sounds through storytelling. It challenges the public to abandon their own personal borders by being fully immersed in somebody else’s mind. Working with the collective, this intervention aims to create an installation that engages with the public audience to capture their personas. Virtually Real Environments – Explore the boundaries of physical and virtual space, new worlds and spacial… More

No interaction video loop

After many discussions on what the visuals would look like inside our space (dome or cube) we’ve decided to make a short video to loop as background environment video without any interactions. The concept of the environment videos are that it is showing the inside minds of a person without disruption and once interaction starts happening the visuals will change accordingly. loop1-converted_small… More

How we came to this topic of Space Intimacy

The conversation started over a quick lunch between Moe, Virginie, and I at the Artworks Elephant and Castle. We had met merely a month ago and we all have interest in the topic of personal space and the effects of the public internet realm. Even though we now have more access globally to information through the internet, it seems that people are still just as close-minded about their opinions of people, places, and things in this world. This lead to a conclusion that the input in which people choose to interact with the world wide web is still as personal… More