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Thesis tutorial July 20, 2017

Feedback from Nicolas: Research more into the haptic methodology used by Kenya Hara in the approach to this project Gesture is a performance, so using it as an interface means asking people to perform more rather than be kept inwards on cellphones Create a machine to work with gestures not human adapting to machine (HCI) The phone has other sensors other than touch and swipe, how can we use it to sense gesture? (Accelerometer) Consider the interface but not dip into wearable as a resolution yet. THESIS STRUCTURE Introduction Gestures and positions can show a lot about a person’s intentions, they… More

Tech Talk: Sex & Dating Panel Discussion

Today, General Assembly London held a tech talk on the topic of sex and dating in the digital world and the future of the love industry. Speakers: Stephanie Alys – Co-Founder, Mystery Vibe (IOT sex toys) Vivienne Errington-Barnes – Global events & communication manager, HER Alix Fox – Journalist, broadcaster, sex educator Kate Moyle – Pychological Sexologist   Key Notes: A.F: When considering the ethics of technology, it should never replace face to face interaction. (Chatbots concept by Durex to help young kids learn about sex can cause conflict) When tech becomes the only way you meet people, you’ve hit bottom. (Japan… More

Structure and bibliography

Feedback from Tobias for thesis proposal: What do I want out of it? What will be meaningful to my audience? Where do I stand as a practitioner, practice diagram, up to what point do I agree with other practitioners? Thesis should focus on new knowledge, analyzing contemporary practices: ex.Tinder and its equivalents as a new technology with a whole load of new social implications and norms and the cultural changes it might bring provides lots of freedom for exploration and provocation. -Good design has a tradeoff. More

Non-inclusive conventional dating apps

The genderless This month, a new born baby was the first to be recorded on official documents as gender unknown in Canada. This made me think about gender specification in dating apps today and how they are non-inclusive to those who may not identify. When you sign up to a dating app, you are to choose a gender for yourself and specify the gender you are interested in. Most mainstream dating apps differentiate gender as male or female. Even Grindr, the dating app for gay men is gender specific to men searching for men. This becomes an issue as many people… More

Gestures don’t lie? Unless you try really hard

Another reason I think gestures may be a better way of meeting others aside from its inclusivity to visually impaired people is that it may be harder to fake gestures and scam people than online dating. On the reality TV series, Catfish, the hosts help people meet their online lovers after suspicion that they may not be who they seem. Most of the time, the results are disappointing and this may be a problem. I had a friend who showed up for a Tinder date and they guy had used his friend’s photo because that would get him more hookups. More

Gesture analysis case: Trump & Melania

Who better to analyze than the most talked-about couple in the last year. In this article, body language specialists analyze their body gesture over the years and while the article is mostly poking fun at their relationship, it also had a few points about codifying gestures. If there are specialists who study gestures then I am assuming there are codified gestures and their meanings at least within one culture. But in the article they also give alternative reasons as to why the analysis may not be exact since images are taken out of context. I want to study how… More

Thesis structuring

Intro: History of gestures used in courtship (may not be as needed in the thesis) How technology changed the way we court/find love (gesture) Research: How gestures have changed due to the technology, gestures in mobile app About wearable technology and how it’s being used already in detecting motion/gesture Methods: ppl watching and documenting gestures live, sketching ppl, photograph, looking at the verbs used in romance novels In relation to dance movements Finding a user base Conclusion: Hypothesis: The next future tech for human love and courtship lies within details in gestures and wearables away from mobile applications. Perhaps I… More

Formative presentation

My FMP will be based around gestures and micro movements in love relationships, looking at how technology has changed these gestures, and how future gestures will be like. In relation to the study of mobile gestures invented since the touch screen, Research questions: Does technology change the pace of our movements? What are the links between movements of the body and attraction? Are there signature gestures designed by each online dating app? How are gestures in modern dating changed by technology? How will gestures change in the next era where apps are no longer used to find people and how… More

Research Questions 2

Topic: Digital archiving Online dating Why do I care? I’m curious about archiving the online content of popular culture, I think it is important to document the media that dominated the generation Y and predict the outcome of future media or online entertainment for future generations. I am interested in how the behaviour and norms of dating has been shifted by hookup apps. (relate to point 3) I am interested in human gestures and postures relating to my personal background in dance. The big questions: How did hookup apps change socializing behaviour & gestures? How do we archive digital content to tell the… More

Research questions

Are we objectifying people more and quickly discarded? A question asked by Sherry Turkle as she studies our relationship with technology and reliance on technology, and how it changes our behaviour. Bruce Sterling’s literature about how the information economy is used to the topic of interest for my FMP. There’s an issue with the deliverance of the archived digital data. How will it be communicated to the uncertain future? Digital content cannot last forever so we need to explore the relationship between the real world and the virtual (Justin Kemp).   Questions: How do we archive the online dating culture and… More