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Into Eternity (methods to communicate to the future)

Onkalo is a nuclear waste facility built by the Finnish to be buried deep into the earth able to sustain 100,000 years. In the film, Into Eternity, several methods of communication was thought of for the people of the future to understand that they should not come close to the burial location. In the future, will they speak the same language? Will they understand the symbols? Will they have the technology to handle this nuclear waste site? These are burning questions of any archival media of our days. Below are screenshots from the movie of how they plan to communicate: universal… More

Andres Jaque – Intimate Strangers

As part of the Fear and Love exhibition at the Design Museum, Andres Jaque presented his project, Intimate Strangers, which “explores the way network culture is designing and defining new forms of behaviour and interaction.” –Design Museum The description: Focusing on dating apps, his audio-visual installation Intimate Strangers presents a series of tales about how our pursuit of sex and love through social media is changing the way we view the city, our bodies and our identity. Andres Jaque is a Spanish architect who does interdisciplinary work under his practice: The Office of Political Innovation. Intimate Strangers is set in the… More

Literature Review

The World Arctic Archive in Norway opened in April this year. A physical film medium is used to preserve data, typical of traditional methods of archiving. But will this method last and is the content a true representation of the digital world?   Futurist, Bruce Sterling, wrote about the “digital decay” we are approaching and critiques the medium used to archive data. Historical digital storage methods, such as CD-Roms, did not endure time. The content needs to be constantly curated and upgraded as technology is advancing. “The truth is that computation has, from the very start, been built to rot. More

Reverse Engineering Task

The Task: Search, collect, and find as much information about the chosen project as possible and answer the FMP Proposal Form. Chosen project: Dominic Wilcox – No Place Like Home Title No Place Like Home Is it possible given modern technology to create a pair of traditional shoes? Inspired by Dorothy’s shoes in Wizard of OZ Field of Study Wearable technology Shoe crafting Technology merging with traditional craftsmanship Context Commissioned by the Global Footprint Project in Northamptonshire (a county famous for shoe making) this sets a formal, cultural and historical context for the project Integrating electronics inside traditional shoes sets a… More